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Texas Data Recovery Service Overview  

Welcome To Texas Data Recovery

The first thing we would like our customers to know is that we value customer service. At Data Recovery South we undertstand how vital your data is to your business and personal needs. From the moment of first contact you will be placed with a professional data recovery representative who will walk you through the data recovery process step by step.

Are You Experiencing A Data Loss Crisis?

Data can be lost due to a number of circumstances. The largest contributing factors to data loss are hardware or system malfunctions and human error in total accounting for almost 75% of all incidents. Software corruption, computer viruses and natural disasters such as fire and water damage complete the list.

Whether your data loss is the result of mechanical or electrical failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, accidental erasure or re-format, water, fire or smoke damage, or file corruption, we have the uniquely talented people and the resources in-house to solve your problem.

How Texas Data Recovery Can Help

With more than 10 years of experience behind PHD-level data recovery staff, we have had the opportunity to recover data from all media types, operating systems and disasters. Our engineers work at the 'hexidecimal' level, allowing us to go below the operating system level of code and work at the machine level. We work with the ones and zeros. Our proven data recovery techniques are independent from operating system or computer type. This is what has allowed us to have one of the highest success rates in the data recovery industry.

We Recover Your Data Or You Don't Pay. We Guarantee It.

At Data Recovery South we guarantee that our engineers will recover your mission critical data or you don't pay. To learn more about our "No Data No Charge Policy" click here .

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