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Guide Overview

Defining Data Loss
What is data loss?
Key causes of data loss?
Results of data loss?
Impact of data loss?

Data Recovery Causes
Hardware Failure
Human Error
Software Corruption
Computer Viruses
Natural Disasters

Case Study:
The High Cost Of Data Loss

Data Recovery Types
Don't Panic
Hard Drive Failure
RAID/Server Failure
Tape Failure
Optical Failure
Removable Media Failure
Digital Media Failure

Data Recovery Process
Online Evaluation
Send In Your Media
Diagnostic Evaluation
The Recovery
Data Verification
Data Restoration

Facts & Figures

Important Links

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Data Recovery South Recovery and Prevention Guide  

Welcome to the Texas Data Recovery Loss and Prevention Guide

The goal of this material will be to provide you with an adequate understanding of data loss, its impact on business development, and how to prevent data loss from happening to you. If you are reading this material then you most likely fall into one of two categories: someone who has lost data, or someone who would like to prevent data loss from happening. No matter what your situation may be, by the end of this guide you should have a fair grasp on what you need to do to keep your business up and running smoothly. Here is an outline of what you will find in the Texas Data Recovery guide.

Section 1: Data Loss and its Impact on Business Development

  • what is data loss?
  • what are the key causes of data loss
  • what are the results that occur from data loss
  • what is the impact of data loss on a business

Section 2: Data loss Symptoms and Prevention Chart

  • Hardware or System Malfunction
    • Possible Symptoms
    • Examples
    • Preventive measures

  • Human Error
    • Possible Symptoms
    • Examples
    • Preventive measures

  • Software Corruption
    • Possible Symptoms
    • Examples
    • Preventive measures

  • Computer Viruses
    • Possible Symptoms
    • Examples
    • Preventive measures

  • Natural Disasters
    • Possible Symptoms
    • Examples
    • Preventive measures

Section 3: Case Study: The Cost of a Data Disaster

Section 4: Dealing With A Data Disaster
  • Don't panic
  • Hard Drive Failure
  • RAID Array and Server System Failure
  • Tape Cartridge or Library Failure
  • Optical Media Failure
  • Removable Media Failures
  • Digital Media Failure

Section 5: The Data Recovery Process

  • Online evaluation form
  • Sending in your media
  • Free diagnostic evaluation
  • Recoverig your lost data
  • Data verification phase
  • Restoring your recovered data

Section 6: Facts and Figures

Section 7: Important Data Recovery Links

Section 8: Contact Texas Data Recovery

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