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Defining Data Loss
What is data loss?
Key causes of data loss?
Results of data loss?
Impact of data loss?

Data Recovery Causes
Hardware Failure
Human Error
Software Corruption
Computer Viruses
Natural Disasters

Case Study:
The High Cost Of Data Loss

Data Recovery Types
Don't Panic
Hard Drive Failure
RAID/Server Failure
Tape Failure
Optical Failure
Removable Media Failure
Digital Media Failure

Data Recovery Process
Online Evaluation
Send In Your Media
Diagnostic Evaluation
The Recovery
Data Verification
Data Restoration

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Hard Drive Data Recovery Process


Data Recovery Process Overview

At Data Recovery South we understand how vital your data is to you and your business. Each data recovery situation is unique and is handled with extreme care and expertise by our qualified staff of engineers.

Our primary goal is to understand your data recovery need. Your customer service representaive will take you through the recovery process during your initial consultation phone call. We want to know why your data loss situation is a problem for you.

By understanding our clients needs and providing quality step by step customer care to each of our clients, we are able to make your data recovery experience a fulfilling one. Here is a brief overview of our data recovery process:

Step 1: Online Evaluation and Initial Contact Stage
After reading through the data recovery process, fill out our
online evaluation form with as much information as you can provide. This will help our technicians and your customer service representative to properly assess your data recovery needs.

Step 2: Sending In Your Media To Our Secure Lab Facilities
Once you have filled out the evaluation form, review our
online shipping instructions, which describe the process of properly packaging your media and sending it directly to one of our secure data recovery labs. Please keep in mind, 24 hour rush courier service is available throughout the United States, ensuring a speedy turn around process.

Step 3: Free Complete Diagnostic Evaluation
When we have received your media into our secure data recovery facilities, your media will be placed in priority sequence and a full diagnostic evaluation will be performed by our lab engineers. This process generally takes between 4-6 hours to complete at which time you will receive a cost estimate from your customer service representative.

Step 4: Data Recovery Implementation Upon Client Approval
Once the quote has been approved by you, our data recovery engineers will proceed with the full recovery of your data. To begin the recovery process, a mirrored copy of your media will be produced, ensuring that your original media is not tampered with and that the integrity of your data is maintained. Our engineers will continue to work with the copied version throughout the recovery process. This process will typically range from 3-5 business days, depending on the degree of difficulty associated with your media problem. Rush projects can often be recovered in 1-2 business days depending on the critical nature of the data loss problem and the type of media involved.

Step 5: Data Quality Control and Integrity Verification
Once your data has been recovered, a full quality control analysis will begin. During this process, your data is verified and checked using specialized proprietary tools by one of out trained lab technicians. This process allows for a safe, and efficient transfer of your recovered data onto a destination platform, usually CDs.

Step 6: Data Return and Restoration Phase
Once your media has been verified and placed on a proper destination return media, and payment has been received, your data will be shipped back to you with easy step by step instructions on how to properly restore the recovered data onto your hard drive.

Step 7:
Congratulations. Your data recovery has been completed and you are back in business. We thank you for choosing Data Recovery South.

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