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Defining Data Loss
What is data loss?
Key causes of data loss?
Results of data loss?
Impact of data loss?

Data Recovery Causes
Hardware Failure
Human Error
Software Corruption
Computer Viruses
Natural Disasters

Case Study:
The High Cost Of Data Loss

Data Recovery Types
Don't Panic
Hard Drive Failure
RAID/Server Failure
Tape Failure
Optical Failure
Removable Media Failure
Digital Media Failure

Data Recovery Process
Online Evaluation
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Diagnostic Evaluation
The Recovery
Data Verification
Data Restoration

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Data Recovery Breakdown  

A Brief Description And Overview Surrounding Data Recovery

A systemwide computer failure resulting in lost data can strike any buiness and originate from just about any source: hardware or system failure, corrupted software, virus, human error, or physical disasters like water damage or fire.

When it happens, there are but a few specialized companies that can handle the arduous task of retrieving data from damaged drives and disks. For the data recovery specialist, successful outcomes usually hinge on a combinationof innovative logistics, applied problem solving and "technology triage" -- the process of stabilizing a company's affected system quickly, analyzing and treating its wounds while preparing it for surgery.

At Data Recovery South, our engineers are out to achieve one gaol: to harvest your data. We do not repair operating systems or applications. Instead, what we do is write new code and apply unique tools and recovery methods that help drill into damaged databases and bypass problems created by corrupted files.

No matter what your problem may be, rest assured that data can be recovered. Our success rate and research has shown that data can be recovered in 75-85% of recovery cases, depending on the type of damage and failure.

If you are experiencing a data loss crisis and are in need of data recovery, or if you simply would like to learn more about data recovery services, here is some key points and services to consider:

First Things First: Don't Panic
One of the biggest problems associated with unrecoverable projects stems from users who panic and cause further damage to their hard drive or related media. Should your hard drive, RAID systtem, tape media, removable device, and other media type fail, DO NOT attempt to recover the data yourself.

There are a number of Do it Yourself recovery tools available on the market. However, these tools can be abused and cause further damage to your media should you not be aware of how to properly use them. Consult a data recovery representative before attempting any form of data recovery on your own.
Hard Drive Data Recovery Services click here.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services
Hard Drive failures make up a large percentage of the data recovery projects we receive. With technology advancing at such a rapid level, and data storage becoming larger by the day, more and more people are suffering from the effects of a data loss situation and require data recovery services.

With Hard Drives reaching capacity levels of more than 200 Gigabytes, the potential for data loss has skyrocketed. Almost everything we do gets put onto a hard drive in some form or another and people continue to neglect the need to properly back up their data.

To view more on Data Recovery South's
Hard Drive Data Recovery Services click here.

RAID Data Recovery Services
RAID Systems are much more complex than a single hard drive recovery. There is more potential for damage and configuration problems due to the level of technical expertise required to develop, administer, and maintain a RAID Array System. As a result, recovering data from a RAID system is often more resource intensive due to the level of complexity associated with the data loss problem.

Without a proper back up plan in place data loss on a RAID system will often lead to complete business failure and/or extreme financial loss. Data that resides on a fully implemented RAID system is mission critical and is the life blood of a company's survival.

Again, if you have experienced a RAID system failure and require data recovery do not panic. At Data Recovery South we have been recovering data for more than a decade. Our engineers have the expertise and the innovative technology to solve your RAID system failure. Regardless of what your problem may be, remember that typically 75%-85% of all cases can be recovered.

To learn more about our
RAID Data Recovery Services click here.

Or to learn more about RAID array systems and servers feel free to check out Data Recovery South's

RAID Data Recovery Glossary by clicking here.

Tape Data Recovery Services
Primarily used for backup usage, tape is used as a sequential storage media. Tape storage allows for large capacity backup capability and is an efficient method of securing data on corporate networks at a reasonable cost. However, when tape media fails, most companies do not have the tools or technical expertise to handle the complexities of tape failures. This is where Data Recovery South can help you.

Among the many problems that Data Recovery South have recovered over the years include:

Damaged Tapes Overwritten Data Malicious Damage
Broken tapes Incomplete Backups Fire/Smoke Damage
Media Errors Blank Tapes Reformatted Tapes
Erased Tapes Failed Tape Restores Tape Drive Hangs

Should you be experiencing any of the above noted problems do not attempt to recver the data yourself. By attemting to recover the data you will be risking causing further damage to the media and render a once repairable problem unrecoverable.

We have the unique technology and specialized tools, as well as the talented resources to ensure that your data is returned to you the way you want it. We have performed tape data recovery for a very long time, and have experience with every form of tape media on the market today.

To view more on Data Recovery South's

Tape Data Recovery Services and the tape media types we have experience with click here.

Or to learn more about tape media feel free to check out Data Recovery South's

Tape Data Recovery Glossary by clicking here.

Optical Data Recovery Services
Optical media requiring data recovery services are storage media that hold content in digital form and that are written and read by a laser. These media include all the various CD and DVD variations, as well as optical jukeboxes and autochangers.

There are a wide range of problems that can cause am optical device or medium to fail. At Data Recovery South we have developed innovative tools and in-house techniques to recover lost data from all optical media disks and devices, regardless of what the problem may be. Should you be experiencing a data loss situation and require data recovery services for an optical related media, do not attempt to recover tha data yourself.

As was stated at the top of this page, DO NOT panic or attempt to reach beyond your expertise to recover your data alone. Consult a data recovery representive first. Othewise, you may end up causing further damage to your media and rendering it unrecoverable.

To learn more about Data Recovery South's

Optical Data Recovery Services click here.

Removable Data Recovery Services
Removable data recovery services involve storage media such as floppy disks, jazz/zip disks, and related storage media. Typically, the amount of staorage on removable media is small due to lower capacity levels, however the critical nature of data stored on these disks can never be overlooked.

There are a number of problems that may arise depending on the type of media and failure associated with a data loss problem. From physical damage of a dropped or mishandled disk, to human errors including: overwritten data, disk reformatting, and virus damage, each recovery situation is unique and requires the same deggree of data recvoery knowledge and expertise. At Data Recovery South we have this expertise and we are here to help you.

To view more on Data Recovery South's
Removable Data Recovery Services click here.

Digital Data Recovery Services
One of newest and growing needs for data recovery services comes from digital and flash media devices. With digital cameras and portable storage devices becoming more affordable throughout the computer marketplace, comes the need for data recovery companies to develop appropriate digital data loss solotions.

At Data Recovery South our research and engineering team are always on top of the latest technologes and we have the expertise and technical savvy to recover data from any digital or flash device requiring data recovery services.

To view more on Data Recovery South's
Digital Data Recovery Services click here.

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