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NAS, SAN & Server Data Recovery Services


Recover Data From Failed NAS, SAN & Enterprise Server Systems

Network-attached storage consists of hard disk storage, including multi-disk RAID systems, and software for configuring and mapping file locations to the network-attached device. Network-attached storage can be a step toward and included as part of a more sophisticated storage system known as a storage area network (SAN).

In the client/server programming model, a server is a program that awaits and fulfills requests from client programs in the same or other computers. A given application in a computer may function as a client with requests for services from other programs and also as a server of requests from other programs.

The data stored on NAS and server systems in today's computerized network environment is nothing short of mission critical. Many businesses rely solely on these servers to keep their businesses afloat. When one of these servers fail, it can lead to significant hourly financial loss, and in extreme cases can lead to complete business failure.

At Data Recovery South we know how important your data is to you. We understand the costs and penalties involved in network and server shut downs. Rest assured, our engineers are extremely talented and have more than 10 years of innovative and technical experience to recover your media, regardless of what the problem may be. Whether it be human error, or media damaged from a fire or flood, we can help to get your business back and running smoothly.

Common NAS, SAN-Based Data Recovery Failures:

  • Physical Drive Failure - due to head crash, stiction, or other component damage
  • Natural Disaster - water, flood, fire, explosion, or earth quake damage
  • Logical Failure - Human error, configuration problems, accidental deletions
  • Failed Back Up - No back up available or your back up has failed to restore
  • Inaccessibility - Security or network based failure making the data unavailable for viewing
  • Data loss due to a power surge or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Virus - client or outside host that has unintentionally/intentionally caused a failure or overload on the server making the data corrupt or inaccessible

What You Should Do When Experiecing A Server Crash

The first thing you should know is that you have found the right place and that there is no need to panic. At Data Recovery South our specialists have the training, skill, and innovative tools to help you recover your lost data and get your business running smoothly.

We understand how important your data is to you and we pride ourselves on quality service. You can be sure that with Data Recovery South you will receive quality customer care and fast confidential data recovery services.

Once your media is received into our secure lab and placed in our class 100 clean room, our enginners will work diligently to discover the circumstances of your media failure and provide you with a thorough data recovery evaluation and an estimated quote of what your recovery will cost.

You will be informed of the progress of your recovery throughout the process and will be able to track the status and condition of your media both through your customer service representative and thorugh our new customer Class 100 Clean Room center.

Trust your data with the specialists.
Fill out our free online evaluation form and find out how data recovery south can help you.

How To Contact Data Recovery South:
For more information on Texas Data Recovery and our data recovery services, contact us at 1-844-316-8131, or or review our data recovery process..

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