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CD File Recovery Services For Optical Media


Data Recovery For Damaged CDs, DVDs & Deleted Files From Optical Jukeboxes

Optical media - such as the compact disk (CD) - are storage media that hold content in digital form and that are written and read by a laser. These media include all the various CD and DVD variations, as well as optical jukeboxes and autochangers. At Data Recovery South our engineers are specially trained to handle optical failure and we have the innovative tools to ensure that your data is recovered and operational quickly.

Common Physical CD, DVD & Optical Data Recovery Damage:

There are a number of problems that can occur relating to optical media. Once we receive your media at one of our quality controlled laboratories, our engineers will go through a thorough diagnosis of your media problem free of charge. You will then have the opportunity to decide if you would like to go ahead with the full recovery once you have been infomred of the problem(s) associated with your media. Among the ptential problems that may occur with optical media include:
  • Surface damage such as scratching, chipped surface area, cracked cd, and other physical damage

  • Accidental file deletions

  • Data has been accidentally overwritten

  • Optical device failure - laser or auto loader problem

  • Configuration problems relating to your optical media device

What You Should Do If You Have Deleted or Damaged Files From A CD, DVD, Or Optical Media Device

The first thing you should do is Contact Us. Before trying any recovery attempts on your own and risking further damage to the media, call one of our representatives to discuss your situation. Your representative will explain your options and the best course of action.

If you require data recovery services, you will be able to send us in your media and receive a full diagnostic evaluation free of charge. We will examine the problem and provide you with a firm quote and diagnosis of your media. You can then decide whether or not you would like to proceed with the data recovery.

At Data Recovery South we understand the importance of your data and we assure fast, confidential, and secure data recovery service. You will also be kept up to date regularly regarding the progress of your recovery.

Trust your data with the specialists.
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How To Contact Data Recovery South:
For more information on Texas Data Recovery and our data recovery services, contact us at 1-844-316-8131, or or review our data recovery process..

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