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RAID Data Recovery Services


Recover Data From Failed RAID Arrays and Server Crashes

At Texas Data Recovery our PHD level computer engineers have the expertise and ingenuity to recover data from all RAID systems and failures. RAID systems make up a large percentage of our recoveries and numerous Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies have trusted us to successfully recover their lost RAID system data. Rest assured, by choosing Data Recovery South, you are receiving the best in data recovery services.

Common RAID Recovery Failures:

  • Single Drive Failure in RAID 5 Server
  • Multi Drive Failure in RAID 5 Server
  • RAID System failure
  • RAID Configuration Failure
  • Physical Disk Failure in RAID System
  • RAID Redundancy Failure - Eg: Parity Loss
  • Data Striping Corruption or Loss
  • Failed Backup Restoration
  • RAID Controller Failure

What You Should Do When Experiencing RAID Data Loss
As tempting as it may sound, attempting a hot swap on a redundant RAID Server could prove more disastrous than your current problem. Many administrators will continue running their RAID system assuming that redundancy has kicked in and that everything is running smoothly. If your company has a skilled administrator that both understands and has experience in restoring a failed RAID system, the first thing to do is to make a full back up of all your data.

However, in most cases a company RAID Server is so vital to a company functioning, that losing that data could shut down a company completely.

At Data Recovery South, recovering data is our speciality. This is what we do for a living and have been successful at for more than 10 years. We have seen thousands of failed RAID systems and we have the engineers, skills and ingenuity to get your data recovered quickly and have your business back and running smoothly.

Trust your data with the specialists.
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For more information on Texas Data Recovery and our data recovery services, contact us at 1-844-316-8131, or review our data recovery process..

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