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Tape Data Recovery Services


Tape Recovery Services For DLT, DAT, DDS, LTO, AIT, Travan & All Tape Storage Devices & Libraries

At Texas Data Recovery our PHD level computer engineers have the expertise and ingenuity to recover data from all tape cartridges, backups, and libraries. Currently, tape systems are widely used on mainframes for archiving and backup. On personal computers tape can also be used for backup purposes. Recivering data from a failed tape cartridge is a highly complicated and work intensive task. It is not recommended that you attempt any form of backup or recovery if you do not have the expertise that is required to handle such a sensitive and complex task.

At Data Recovery South we have the engineers and more importantly, the experience to handle your data recovery needs. We have been in the business for more than 10 years and have done work for numerous Fortune Level companies. Trust your data to the experts, at Data Recovery South.

Common Tape Formats We Recover Data From:

At Texas Data Recovery we have successfully recovered data from all tape media formats including:

1/4" Cartridges 8mm ADR
DC2000 QIC 3490
DLT Ditto 3490E
Travan 9-Track 4mm DAT
3980 SLR/MLR and DDS

Common Tape Data Recovery Failures:

At Texas Data Recovery, we can recover data from virtually all types of tapes and formats. Situations like these are common to our experienced technicians:

Damaged Tapes Overwritten Data Malicious Damage
Broken tapes Incomplete Backups Fire/Smoke Damage
Media Errors Blank Tapes Reformatted Tapes
Erased Tapes Failed Tape Restores Tape Drive Hangs

What You Should Do
The first thing you should do is leave the media alone. Attempting to recover the data yourself without the proper knowledge and expertise that is required for such a complex task can lead to a once recoverable project to become unrecoverable. By sending us your media our engineers will evaluate the exact problem(s) associated with your Tape media. We have the tools, experience, secure processes, and PHD trained staff to ensure your data is recovered. With more than 10 years experience and constant annual growth, you can be sure that your data is safe in the hands of the experts at Data Recovery South.

Trust your data with the specialists.
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How To Contact Data Recovery South:
For more information on Texas Data Recovery and our data recovery services, contact us at 1-844-316-8131, or or review our data recovery process..

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